We offer the highest standard of teaching in all of our classes.

We want to give students the opportunity to progress to advanced grades in Ballet, Tap & Modern. Examinations in these genres will be taken following the Imperial Society Teachers of Dancing Examination Board. Students can be entered from the age of five years.

All pupils will have the opportunity to take examinations and it is encouraged that they do, however it is not compulsory. Students are entered at the sole discretion of the principal. Just Move Dance Studio has maintained a 100% pass rate in all ISTD examinations throughout the years.


Baby Ballet – Baby Ballet introduces young children from the age of two to ballet whilst using a variety of props and magical music. Movement, mime and exercises that work on imagination are incorporated in this fun filled class along with learning basic ballet steps. These lessons encourage confidence, communication and coordination, giving all children the chance to dance, shine and most importantly… have fun!

Ballet Grades: Grade 1 and above

Ballet is the single most important key to a strong foundation in dance. Movements in styles such as Jazz, Modern and Contemporary originally derive from Ballet, and with strong ballet technique, dancers can easily transfer their skills to dance genres such as these with ease. Ballet helps in many ways to maintain and improve technique, coordination, posture and alignment, spatial awareness, musicality and structural knowledge. Professionalism, discipline and etiquette are also developed in our fun filled classes whilst following the ISTD syllabus.

Jazz is a high energy lesson and encourages students to develop their creativity and imagination through stylised movements to current chart music. It is the ideal class to develop a well rounded dancer. The class focuses on learning and improving technical steps such as isolations of the body, kicks, turns and leaps, and works on developing a students performance quality. The correct terminology and a variety of travelling combinations will be taught so that students are soon able to link together steps at ease whilst improving their coordination and confidence. Regular dance routines that explore different styles are included in the class.

We currently offer Junior Jazz to 7-11 year olds and do not follow a set syllabus. Examinations are not taken in this genre; the class is simply an opportunity for students to learn diverse styles and steps in a fun environment

Primary Modern – Just Move offers Primary Modern to 3-5 year olds which helps prepare children for the ISTD syllabus. The lesson works on improving a child’s coordination, spatial awareness and sense of rhythm whilst also introducing basic Modern steps such as skipping, galloping and jumping!

Modern Grades: Grade 1 and above: Modern Dance is an exciting and upbeat rhythmic and theatrical dance style which originated in America before being introduced to different parts of the world. It is often seen on the stages of musical productions such as Broadway and the West End and incorporates leaps, kicks, travelling jumps and combinations together which all require strength and flexibility.

The ISTD syllabus amalgamates Modern Dance, Jazz and lyrical styles so that students are trained to become versatile and diverse dancers.

Tap dance is an excellent way for students to develop a sense of rhythm and musicality whilst making different sounds with their feet. Not only will you be training your musical ear, you must also ensure that the body is able to produce an endless variety of sounds and rhythms that differ in dynamics and pitch. Following the ISTD syllabus, graded classes build up progressively to ensure that the fundamental steps and skills learnt at a lower level will prepare students for more complex movements in later grades.

Acrobatic Dance is the fusion of classical dance technique with the precision of acrobatic elements.  It is a very popular style of dance which can be found in many professional dance productions such as the Cirque du Soleil. 

Acro technique includes balancing, limbering, tumbling and partnering, using flexibility, contortion and strength. Students will learn acrobatic tricks such as handstands, cartwheels and aerials, chest stands, elbow stands and walkovers, executedslowly to emphasise aesthetically pleasing lines and extensions. All students will progress safely from one level to the next with each class being taught by qualified teachers in this genre. Acro dance will enable students to develop their strength and flexibility, creating a more versatile dancer which will help assist you in all other styles of dance. We are very excited to be offering this new style to our timetable! 

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Here at Just Move, we offer a selection of Adult classes for all ages and abilities taught by highly qualified dance teachers. We run 6 & 12 week package deals along with drop in classes to cater for all. Why not pop along for your free trial now! Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Suitable for all abilities, this dance inspired class works on increasing overall strength, balance and flexibility in a relaxed setting. Different muscle groups will be targeted throughout the classes such as the stomach, legs, glutes, arms and all those troublesome areas! A selection of barre fitness exercises are also included in this lesson, all while listening to pop hits. If you’re looking for a low key way to target and challenge muscles, this is the perfect class for you!

Adult Ballet is perfect for both absolute beginners and for those who wish to continue their classical training. Our focus here at Just Move is to make classical ballet accessible to all ages and abilities. Adult ballet classes are a fun and challenging way to express yourself as well as an excellent way to build core strength, increase flexibility, coordination and to improve posture. We have no upper age limit and provide a welcoming environment that will diminish any anxiety or worries you may have about trialing out this class. It’s never too late to start dancing, so why not book your free trial class now!

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